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Changes to rules on pension transfers from the UK

22/06/2017 - If you have pensions in the UK that you want to transfer back to Ireland, there were some big changes made in the UK Finance Act recently that you should be aware of.

How to reduce printing costs and run an environmentally sustainable office

20/06/2017 - For some time now, there has been a focus on ‘paper free’ offices, pushing everything into the cloud and while this is a great ambition, it’s simply not practical for many industries today and many areas of business.

GDPR Protection of Personal Data

01/06/2017 - One year from now the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR will come directly into force across the EU. This is a “Regulation” so therefore it does not need individual Member State transposition into national laws, it applies automatically and immediately.

Motor Insurers' Bureau of Ireland Successfully Overturns Court of Appeal Decision

01/06/2017 - The Supreme Court announced that the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (“MIBI”) was successful in their appeal

Picking the perfect payroll solution

01/06/2017 - Dealing with your payroll can be a tricky, time-consuming task. Making the decision to use software can help you automate the process, saving you both time and money.

ThinkSandyford – 10 good reasons to set up in Sandyford.

01/06/2017 - ThinkBusiness examines Sandyford and explains why it's a good place to run a business...

An end to mandatory retirement ages?

02/05/2017 - Unlike many other EU jurisdictions, there is no statutory retirement age in the private sector in Ireland, with retirement related issues being regulated instead by employment contracts. Private sector employers in Ireland are permitted to set mandatory retirement ages provided they are objectively and reasonably justified.

Warren Buffett’s shareholder letter

02/05/2017 - Warren Buffett issued his annual shareholder letter in February. I said that last year’s letter was a bit disappointing but this year, there was plenty of gems in the letter and very important advice that we should all listen to, take a simple investment approach with low fees...

Financial Planning is not a budgeting service, it’s much more important than that

01/03/2017 - A common error that people make is to mistake financial planning with budgeting. While it is very important to have control of your finances, budgeting is only one building block in the financial planning process.

The A-Z of training for small businesses

01/03/2017 - The world of training continues to turn. Businesses are looking to maximise performance and differentiate themselves through the professional development of employees.

The Help to Buy Scheme : A Financial Planners Guide

01/02/2017 - The Help to Buy Scheme was introduced by the Minister for Finance in Budget 2017. Here are the key facts and figures to consider....

Why it pays to continuously improve

01/02/2017 - Little things really can mean a lot in business – and taking the opportunity to iron out inefficiencies and hone your offering as you go can have a huge impact on how your company performs in the long run.

9 ways to grow your business

05/01/2017 - Is your business always first out of the blocks? It’s easy to run with a successful new product or service, but in order to stay the distance companies need to ensure their entire operation is on track.

5 ways to maximise employee productivity

01/12/2016 - Employee productivity is critical. People power should always be at the forefront of every business’ mind and roadmaps.

The cost of children - a Financial Breakdown

01/11/2016 - The financial planning process involves looking at all your expected inflows and outflows during your lifetime. At the start of the process, I ask people to complete an expenditure questionnaire...

Project Management Software: the task management and to do list hero of the small business

01/09/2016 - Aside from being a Project Management tool for Project Managers managing a large scale Project. Project Management Software is the unsung hero of a growing small business.

The pension time bomb keeps ticking

01/09/2016 - There’s been lots of press recently about the pension time bomb. This has been ticking for years now and is getting louder every year...

Small Business Challenges & Problems

02/08/2016 - Who in their right might would choose to start up a new business? Millions of us apparently!

Social Media Marketing – is it worth the time investment?

02/08/2016 - Social media is integrated into our everyday lives now, both socially and professionally. Are they a useful marketing tool ?

Defining Content Marketing and its benefits

01/07/2016 - Engaging your current audience, and attracting the attention of new customers with creative, relevant, and even personalized content is what content marketing is all about...

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