Specialist Features

The Benefits of Deploying eCopy PDF Pro Office

16/05/2019 - What is it and what are the benefits of deploying it in your office Immediately?

Revenue changes in Q1

11/04/2019 - Payroll is constantly changing and evolving to meet the guidelines set out by Revenue and 2019 has seen some big changes with the introduction of PAYE Modernisation.

Let them eat cake !

28/03/2019 - Buying a daily cup of coffee or buying your lunch instead of making it won’t be the difference between achieving financial independence or not...

Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2018

26/03/2019 - What do the changes to employment legislation mean to me?

What to Expect from a Managed Print Service Contract

21/02/2019 - Managed Print Service level agreements: here is what you should consider.

Review of exit tax - a financial planners perspective

07/02/2019 - A gripe that I get from clients all the time is the high level of taxation on investments. Under current legislation, if you invest in a fund or ETF, you pay tax on your profits at a rate of 41%...

Think of shredding if you think of a secure office environment.

08/01/2019 - Not many people associate security with shredders, so understanding the necessity of shredding to maintain a secure office environment may sound like a new concept.

How to present your IT proposal to Management…and get a "YES"

08/01/2019 - Advice for the IT manager on how to approach the money man – how to show the expected cash savings, what data to bring with you to your meeting and how to most convincingly present your case.

What is a Managed Print Service (MPS) & Should You Engage an MPS Provider?

27/11/2018 - In the broadest and most basic of terms, the printing in your business is either managed or it’s unmanaged. I would imagine that it’s an easy question to answer for most businesses and for so many businesses, it’s still unmanaged. So why is this the case, when having a managed print service could potentially save up to 70% on print costs for some organisations?

When I put money into a pension, where does it go?

08/11/2018 - When it comes to investing in pensions, a lot of people don't know what happens to their money once they hand it over to the pension provider. So we are going to have a look at where your money goes when you join a pension scheme, explaining the main asset classes (types of investments) that you can invest in.

The Benefits of Leasing Your Office Equipment

01/11/2018 - Have you ever thought about the benefits of leasing your office equipment? This is a conversation that we have every day. We’re asked – how much does it cost to buy X machine, Y printer, Z projector.

Water Damage to your Property : Be Aware and Prepare

05/10/2018 - Water damage is no laughing matter. Repairs can be extensive and expensive, and it can end up destroying some of your most treasured possessions. How can you minimise the risk of this ?

Evaluating the Board

07/09/2018 - With ever increasing regulation and the relentless scrutiny from the media, organisations have never faced so much pressure to ensure they are operating diligently, transparently and to their full potential.

3 Tips for Buying a New Projector

06/09/2018 - If you want to buy a new projector for a classroom, meeting room or even a home theatre, the image you project on the screen should make a great impression on your audience.

Developing A Business Plan: Do I Need To?

06/09/2018 - Starting a new business can be a challenge for anyone, whether you’re a novice or an experienced business mogul.

Government announces Auto Enrollment pension scheme plans. What will this mean for you ?

06/09/2018 - The government have published their Strawman proposal on the auto enrollment pension scheme. In other words, this is a very rough draft and the actual form of the scheme will be different.

E-waste : Getting a grip on a growing global problem

14/08/2018 - The consumer push to own the latest electronic device has left an ever-growing wake of electronic waste. Country after country is passing legislation to regulate “e-waste” in order to protect their environments.

How female entrepreneurs can overcome key challenges – top 5 tips

14/08/2018 - The challenges faced by female entrepreneurs need to be proactively addressed to create conditions conducive to scaling their businesses, but, with the right approach from the outset, success is eminently achievable.

5 Ingenious Ways to Declutter Your Home

02/07/2018 - Are you a victim of clutter culture? Some experts have discussed how this behaviour can directly link to stress, and we have to say that we agree. If you want to declutter your home, and avoid that unneeded stress, check out the following tips.

The best investment strategy: Sloth bordering on death

02/07/2018 - A number of years ago, Fidelity Investments carried out an internal study on the best performing policyholders they had. It turns out the clients with the best performing investments were dead people. And the second best performing? People who had forgotten they had a policy with Fidelity.

Special Offers

Free Hernia Consultation with Mr.John Scurr Cons.Surgeon

Currently we are offering a Free hernia consultation with Mr.John Scurr Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon at our clinic. Mr.Scurr carries out day case hernia surgery at the Beacon Hospital.

Concerned regarding Thread or Varicose Veins, have a Free Vascular Nurse Consultation

The most modern methods of diagnosis and management of vein disorders are used at the Vein Clinic. All treatment are carried out under local anaesthetic.