HR Features

Hiring for the future

02/05/2017 - As Ireland’s workforce changes, so too must your recruitment strategy. To find, recruit and retain skilled, energetic workers, you need to change your approach.

Leadership - What does it really mean and how important is it?

02/08/2016 - Some insights and opinions from a HR perspective...

New Paternity Leave for Fathers

27/10/2015 - Some clarification on the Budget 2016 announcements.

Retaining Employee Information

12/10/2014 - Do you know how long you need to retain employee information for?

Alcohol Drug and Smoke Free Workplace

12/03/2014 - So far as is reasonably possible, employers are legally obliged to ensure the safety and welfare at work of all employees. Likewise, employees have a responsibility to themselves and to their colleagues.

What do Employers need to know about Work Permits?

18/02/2014 - Employers, as you may be aware, the National Employment Right’s Authority (NERA) conducts thousands of inspections (many of which are unannounced) annually.

Searching Employee Belongings Appropriately

17/10/2013 - Many employers have experienced theft by an employee in the workplace and, consequently, need to put certain measures in place in order to protect the profits of the company.

Employment Contracts - Obligations under Irish Employment Legislation

13/09/2013 - It is a legal requirement of an employer to provide a written statement of the employment agreement (contract) between employer and employee within two months of the commencement of employment.

Age Discrimination and the Benefits of having a Retirement Policy

08/08/2013 - The issue of age discrimination has become a significant one in Ireland in this extremely litigious era - it is imperative that employers are very careful in all they say, write and do in relation to age if they aim to avoid a discrimination claim.

An Employer's Guide to Annual Leave Entitlements in Ireland

08/08/2013 - Annual leave is paid time off work that employees are granted by their employers - it can be used for whatever the employee wishes. It is important for employees to recharge the batteries and annual leave helps maintain a motivated and productive workforce.

JobsPlus - More Jobs at a Lower Cost

08/08/2013 - On 1st July 2013 the Department of Social Protection launched a new Scheme which offers employers rewards for recruiting individuals who have been unemployed for a considerable period of time.

Transparency in appointment process needed to achieve gender diversity on boards

05/07/2013 - With the debate on gender diversity on Europe's boards continuing to gather momentum, the Institute of Directors in Ireland (IoD) recently undertook research exclusively with women members...

Ethical behaviour in the boardroom

07/02/2013 - For a board and its directors, behaving ethically and acting honestly and with integrity should be a given. It is the responsibility of the board, in conjunction with the Chief Executive and executive management, to set the culture and values of the organisation and the ethical framework within which that culture exists.

Gender imbalance in the boardroom

13/11/2012 - The need to increase the number of women on boards both in Ireland and abroad continues to attract considerable comment and debate. In the UK, gender targets were introduced last year to address the lack of women on the boards of FTSE companies and on the face of it, seem to be working, albeit slowly

Developing the director

12/10/2012 - The role of directors and strategic leaders in all sectors and sizes of business has never been under as much scrutiny as it is today.

The Rise of Ecommerce & Web Development

15/02/2012 - With some sectors experiencing difficulty at this point in time, I am delighted to say that Ecommerce is slowly but surely making its mark here in Ireland.

Month-on-Month rise in Jobs for October 2011

10/11/2011 - October 2011 saw something on the Irish job market that has not been seen for at least the last 7 months, a month-on-month increase in the number of Professional Job Opportunities.

More good news on the jobs front as we enter Q3

20/09/2011 - So, here we are in Q3 2011 and once again all signs point to positive news within the Irish jobs market.

Setting the tone from the top

22/08/2011 - The failure by some boards to adequately monitor and direct the affairs of their organisation has brought to the fore the crucial importance of those at the helm of Irish business fully understanding and executing the responsibilities of their role.

What is the current job market like for Sales Executives..

11/07/2011 - Over the past couple of years since the now infamous economic downturn companies of all sizes have had to address costs throughout their organisation which included downsizing or “rightsizing”.

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