Zero Latency Dublin, Ireland's first multi-player Virtual Reality Experience launches in Sandyford

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Zero Latency Dublin, Ireland

Zero Latency is the global pioneer in warehouse scale, multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment experiences and it's opens on March 6th...

Using a combination of technology and proprietary software – which eliminates the motion sickness sometimes associated with VR, visitors can expect to become fully immersed in the incredible, adrenaline-inducing virtual worlds. With room for up to eight players, you can work with or compete against your friends ,family or colleagues to defeat the enemy and win the game.

Participants will be able to play games that turn their entire body into a controller. They will walk around the 200 sq m facility shooting zombies or robots while wearing a headset and backpack, while 64 cameras on the ceiling track their movements through sensors on their backs and heads.

On launch, Zero Latency Dublin will offer a heart racing Zombie attack mission, and family friendly galaxy space challenges for groups of eight or under. Kitted out with a VR headset, microphone and military style back pack, players are fully immersed in the 200 square metre virtual reality arena.

Zero Latency Dublin will open at 21 Maple Avenue, Sandyford. Opening times are from 10:00 to 23:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and from 12:00 to 23:00 Wednesday to Friday.

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Article Published: 28/02/2019