PFH launches new e-Procurement Service -

Sandyford based PFH Technology Group, have announced the launch of an exciting new e-procurement service, ITQuickQuotes, along with the expansion of its Inside Sales team.

The ITQuickQuotes service provides companies with the opportunity to obtain the very lowest IT quotes on the market and to achieve it within ninety minutes of submitting a request. “It’s all about speed and quality of service,” said Darren Sexton, Head of Inside Sales at PFH Technology Group. “Professional buyers today are 70% through their decision making process before they engage with an IT provider. When the buyer already knows what they want, they seek out a credible supplier and we feel part of our competitive edge is having over thirty years of experience in IT Procurement.”

“While securing the best prices is important, modern buyers expect quick response times from competent professionals. Having credibility is key,” says Sexton “and our core belief is that credibility comes from having competence, integrity and solid relationships. We deliver on these three values which is why companies continue to buy from us”.

“Lowering companies IT procurement costs is one of our key drivers,” Sexton says, “and customers can immediately take advantage of our fast, reliable service by submitting a quote request on PFH’s new site”

The newly expanded team will build upon PFH’s existing expertise in IT procurement as well as developing their relationships with all of the major technology vendors, including Lenovo, HP & Microsoft.

Article Published: 14/02/2017